Walter Knowles

Liturgical Studies—

historical and practical

Minutiae? rubrical triviality? historical irrelevance? worship police? balancing rulers as you fold your hands and walk?

Sorry. If that's what you are looking for, you won't find it on this site. This site takes its theme from the first question of an old catechism:

Q. Why do people exist?
A. To know God and to enjoy God forever.

Worship is all about knowing God—becoming one with God and with God's mission of transformation and restoration—and the absolute delight of the dance with God, especially in the music of worship.

Walt Knowles is your guide on this site. He's a musician with interests in early and contemporary music, particularly in their improvisation, and who just can't understand why people think church music has to be a synonym for “boring.” He’s a liturgical historian who has the crazy idea that talking with the past is a fascinating adventure that brings all kinds of questions and answers (and those answers turn the ways too many authorities look at worship on their heads). And he’s even more interested in how worshipers, in response to God’s invitation, enter into meaning as they worship.

Finding Walt

Walt is a priest-associate at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA, an active organist and keyboardist playing both church and orchestral music, and an independent scholar chasing down the real history of worship in the early middle ages—and having more fun that one could possibly have thinking about how that can inform, enlighten, and revitalize worship in our own time.