Walter Knowles, PhD


Walter Knowles has taken the challenge of integration as his life theme. A musician with substantial study in mathematics, a theologian who has spent much of his life in high technology, an Episcopal priest (ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada) who presides at the Eucharist from the organ bench, his theme comes from Paul’s description of Jesus in Colossians 1;17 “In [Christ] all things are held together.” (Pardon my Latin, but Jerome got it so right here: “et omnia in ipso constant”—“and everything finds its unity in him.”) The Christ who holds the universe of thought together is his personal hero.

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As one might well predict, Walt’s dissertation (which he is currently reworking for publication) studied the aesthetics and music theory of a patristic theologian (St. Augustine of Hippo) to understand how that philosophical foundation expressed itself in his technologies of worship, education, and leadership. It sounds all theoretical, but it is incredibly practical in the life of the church today. Click on work FOR the people to participate in a discussion of practicalities.