Consulting and teaching

Conversation and Consulting

With communal worship at the core of the identities of most Christian congregations, it can be a challenge for it to be continually renewed. Sometimes effective worship requires consultation with specialists outside the community. As a liturgist who is also an experienced consultant, Walt can provide a trained ear, perceptive eye, and wise voice to your conversation.


Walt is an experienced teacher. He's developed innovative content and delivery for parish education, undergraduate academic classes, graduate theological studies — and for commercial training in engineering and health care.

Walt is offering two classes through the Church Divinity School of the Pacific’s Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership : Introduction to Anglican Worship, an exploration of Anglican theologies of worship, and Liturgical Time: The Cycle of Easter life in day, week and year, where we will enter what Walt calls “the Paschal Fractal” — Easter’s multidimensional impact on the way Christians live and worship.